Attendance Business System (V1.0)

What Is ABS?

A standardized attendance system for Issaquah High School clubs. Seamless sign-in and exporting on the front-end is combined with the Google Cloud on the backend.

Why Use ABS?

You won't have to waste another piece of paper or make another Google Form ever again. It's an ASB-approved mean of attendance-taking and storage. It has built-in geolocation protection alongside support from the Issaquah Robotics Society and IHS Code Club to fulfill your every need.

Tailored For You

Each club has customizable sign-in fields. Just want names and grades? Easy! Want sign-ins with ASB numbers, a paragraph input, a boolean input, and geolocation protection ontop of a required password? Also easy!

Securely Designed

Server-side data validation ensures current time, so you can't add sign-ins to past dates. This is ontop of client-side verification for convenience.

Automatic Responses

Input: ABS isn't working out for me.

Our Output: We'd love to hear what isn't working. It'd be our pleasure to fix, improve, or add anything you have on mind. Contact us at

Input: My club isn't on the list. I'd like it to be added

Our Output: It'll take us less than 30 seconds to add! (You can time us.) Contact us at to get started. Or, talk to Hritik.

Input: ABS can't be reliable. I'll just stick with Google.

Our Output: We're using the Google Cloud to host our database and website, so we're pretty reliable. We backup data, and with the support of clubs like robotics and code club, we forsee this being maintained for a long while. Oh, and it doesn't cost us a cent to host thanks to Firebase. You won't see this level of support, accesible data insights, or IHS spirit on any other attendance system!

What's Next

After a successful beta and release, we're hard at work on version 1.1 (Project Limelight)

Features that will be added:

Attendance of specific people

In the export section of each club, see a leaderboard of people and them meetings they've attended. Expand to see which specific meetings they attended.


ABS was ideated by Bryan Lim (right) and co-created by him and Preston Lee (left).

Hritik Arasu (above) contributed and currently maintains it.

Logo by Mason Maron. We'd like to thank the Issaquah Robotics Society for its support of ABS.

A special thank you to all the (very smart) clubs who are using ABS and plan to continue using it.